About Gem Anatomy: the Core

As you know, all gems have a gem and a holographic body. They can shape-shift internal organs, which adds extra energy to the physical form. But, all gems are just their gem and the physical form is to help them. Inside of the gem is where all the magic happened. If you sliced it in […]


Its almost 4/20. Yay! Today was a pretty average day. For breakfast, I had a bagel and cream cheese. It wasn’t that much, but I was not that hungry. I haven’t been as hungry as I have been in the morning for a while. My mom drove me to school today, and we talked about some […]

Ruby house

Ru told me about the place she lived in before she fell with me. She lived in a place called the ruby house 5, and lived with a few more rubies in her house. Inside was a bedroom, living room and a kitchen. Usually, rubies would go for their missions. Because of this,  only a […]