Its almost 4/20. Yay! Today was a pretty average day. For breakfast, I had a bagel and cream cheese. It wasn’t that much, but I was not that hungry. I haven’t been as hungry as I have been in the morning for a while. My mom drove me to school today, and we talked about some […]

Ruby house

Ru told me about the place she lived in before she fell with me. She lived in a place called the ruby house 5, and lived with a few more rubies in her house. Inside was a bedroom, living room and a kitchen. Usually, rubies would go for their missions. Because of this,  only a […]

Figure 8 Island

One of the first assignments rose gave me was to go with ruby to save some people from an island. It was a figure 8 shaped planet made out of water. There was a island on top of the planet and every 10,000 years, it would rotate around the planet. Some alien species lived there, […]