Ruby house

Ru told me about the place she lived in before she fell with me. She lived in a place called the ruby house 5, and lived with a few more rubies in her house. Inside was a bedroom, living room and a kitchen. Usually, rubies would go for their missions. Because of this,  only a few rubies would be at home at a time. Ru was the only one who always stayed at home because she was a runt. She liked to stay in the fireplace. The other rubies would stay on the couch and sit by her if they found anything while they went outside. There was a leader of the pack, and she was a Star Ruby. She was harsh to everyone except Ru. She saved her from being thrown out.

Ru had her own type of medicine to prevent her from shedding her geode. Something was messed up with her gem, so some things were off about her body. I had to help her with some things for a bit before she got used to it.

Each ruby had their own nickname so they did not have to call each other by just “ruby”.

Like…: Red, Hot, (spanish for hot), Ru, By, Fire girl,  etc etc etc (they are super cheesey)



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