My favorite things online!

The internet is a wonderful place with many websites that are unique in their own way. I will share some of these things that I enjoy with you all.





First, we have . This is not a spelling mistake, it is dot co. This website is very relaxing, and shows galaxies with a calming yet upbeat music. You can put the website on full screen and watch as you fly through space. Sometimes, you can see little circles. I like to go through the circles as another game inside of the game.

The second one is . This is just a little fun thing that I like to watch when I am waiting for instructions in class.


Third, YouTube. I LOVE watching science, silly, educational or just random videos here. As I write this, I am listening to a SciShow video.


Lastly, we have Tumblr. I have spent many hours scrolling and laughing. I have made many friends on this website. 


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