Its almost 4/20. Yay!

Today was a 231804pretty average day. For breakfast, I had a bagel and cream cheese. It wasn’t that much, but I was not that hungry. I haven’t been as hungry as I have been in the morning for a while. My mom drove me to school today, and we talked about some things with each other.  I heard about another suicide bomber. I wish people could just stop doing this .

We first had Language arts today. Thankfully, we did not have a crazy mugshot (like the last time). It was a circle group today. One did some sentence formatting, another that read the 6th chapter of our book. In this semester, we are reading The Outsiders.
This book is basically about a group of teenagers called the greasers and their fights with the Socials. In the book, they are called the Socs. I say it in my head like socks, though.

There are a few main characters in the book. The main main one is named Ponyboy. Pony is only 13 years old. He is the youngest in the Greasers book, and is the brother of Soda and Darry. Darry is the oldest in the greasers group. He had to drop out of his school to take care of his brothers because their parents passed away. Soda is the ‘cool older brother’ character and is very handsome to people in the book. He dropped out of high school, also.

Johnny is 14 years old and is called a shy puppy by the other greasers. He was abused by his parents, and got jumped by a bunch of Socs. Ever since then, he had put a pocket knife in his back pocket.

Johnny and Ponyboy had ran away, and then they also got jumped again by some Socs. Johnny was held down by a Soc named Bob (another characters boyfriend) and he tried to drown him. Johnny had to fight back, and he killed Bob with his pocket knife.

I tried to summarize the book, but it wasn’t that great. I left some characters out and important info.

Next class was science. In this class, we reviewed for the test. We do a game show type review. The class is split in half, and the side that has the most points will win. You don’t win anything, but its still fun to be competitive. Half of the class were talking story and the other did not try to stop them. I was very angry because no one was taking action but me. I even saw a kid draw on the desk and write his name. We lost multiple points because of these kids.

I had to leave early so that I could do lunch monitor. Lunch monitor is when you help the ladies in the cafeteria. Today, they were serving rice, chicken and salad. No, it wasn’t salad. It was lettuce. With sauce.

I sat on the bench with my friends. Next to us some other kids were making out.

It was disgusting.

We walked over to the stage and sat down for a minute, and hanged out before math enrichment. Math enrichment is just so we can be legally a school, because we have to have Math and Language Arts. In this class, we did a worksheet about sales tax and how much percent off yada yada yada.

Right now, I am in Projects class. This is a class where you can work on projects that you made, and not are assigned by a teacher. I usually use this to mess around or write things for Wattpad.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my day today!


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