Hilo Bay Cafe Review

I have lived in the big island of Hawaii for about 2 years now. Out of all of the places I’ve been to, this one is probably the best in food. The restaurant is called Hilo Bay Cafe, and resides right next to said bay. It’s very pretty looking on the outside, and same could be said for the inside.59cc454d02981a07754f01f14e7d8813
You do have to reserve a table if you do not want to wait for a long time. The reservation waiting period is short though. If you do decide not to reserve a seat, it might take a while. Yet, it is truly worth it!

When you get your seat, you order your drinks and the waiter will give you a small bowl of popcorn. Don’t be amused, though, it is super yum. When I come here with my mom, I eat all of it in less than 4 minutes! It’s that good!

You can get many appetizers before you get your food. Yet, there is one that always stands out over the rest.

roastedeggplantredpeppersandparmesancustardwithmicrogreenslongviewEggplant custard.

It sounds yucky, it really does on the front. But when you take a bite of it, it feels like heaven on earth.  The custard is what you would think of when someone says custard, it’s a very thick and creamy cheese with the eggplant on the bottom. This is served with a slice of bread to dip it in. Just writing about this makes me crave it! The eggplant has just the right amount of salt. The cheese (as I said earlier) is thick, creamy and tastes amazing. It also has some red and green sauce leading up to the custard, but I do not know what that is.


My favorite dinner food at this cafe is a grilled cheese sandwich. I know, that sounds like something that you would get if you are just trying the restaurant out. It’s better than it sounds, though. This sandwich has the basics, cheese and bread but with a twist! A delicious twist, to be exact. It has pesto sauce on it. It is way yummy, and if you are visiting and have doubts, buy it!

oLastly, I would like to talk about the view. You can see the mountain (Mauna Kea) on a clear day and have a nice view of the water below. There are many trees. You can see some of downtown Hilo if you look close enough. While you go to this cafe, try to get a seat on the deck or lanai. After you finish eating, if you want to burn some calories, drive or walk over to coconut island and take a quick walk. It wont stress you out like a big workout, but it is a nice one on a perfect, sunny day.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this restaurant!


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