Ruby House explanation

About the ruby house

When ruby warriors were popular, they would mass produce them. Because of this, there was not enough room inside of the normal apartments that could hold them. Homeworld established these things called ruby houses, and it is exactly what it sounds like; a house full of cute little rubies.

10 to 20 rubies would live in the house at one time. They each did not have a room, but they shared a room. The room only consisted of a huge bed stretching from corner to corner. There were some shelves up top with things like clothes and games to play with when they were off duty. In a normal day, most of the rubies would be outside working with their client or boss. Usually only 3 to 4 rubies would be at home on a busy day, though.  There would be one day a month called the off day, and it was when they could stay home and relax their muscles.


All ruby houses have a different week schedule, but they mostly go like this. Every day but the weekends are client days, and those days are when the rubies go to work. Every other day (monday, wednesday, friday and sunday) were training days. Most of the rubies thought of it as either a game or a chore, why train for something you were made to do?


The ruby house layout was like a normal house that you would see on a middle class white people road. They were brick houses, and had a chimney. Most of the houses were lifted above the ground and had nice white stairs and porches. Sometimes they would even have a little rocking chair on the porch to sit out on when they had free time.

When you walked into the house, you would see a the living room, a door and a hallway leading into the kitchen. In that hallway was another door leading to the training room, where some rubies would stay for hours just hitting a punching bag or messing around in the air conditioner. It smelled terrible in their, btw.  

In the living room was a nice couch with a table next to it. Some tables had lamps, but sometimes it was put down to put some food or drink on it. Those rubies liked to eat.

Right in front of it was a fireplace, which was quite useless to most of the rubies. It was always lit. It was probably in there because most of the ruby houses were in a fall like climate 365 days a year.  

In between both of these were a nice, red and blue carpet. It was woven together and looked way overused by them.


supporting_a_cantilevered_shelf_3In the bedroom was a long bed. I mean, it stretched from each end to the other. On it was a few large blankets and assorted pillows with their nicknames stitched onto them, so no one else could use it.  Above the bed were shelves that were nailed on like in the picture.  On it was things like clothes for different occasions, board game and books. Most of the books were very dusty.
The bed was soft, and for how many people slept in it at one time, it was very clean.


In the kitchen was a island and a nice looking kitchen set. It looked like the one in chopped kitchen, if you’ve ever seen that show. There were no tables in the room, but on the island there were 4 chairs for some lucky gems to get to eat first. If you wanted to sit down and eat, you would have to go into the living room to sit or go outside and sit on the stairs leading to the porch.


Outside was a very beautiful place, you could see why many of the rubies would rather play outside than go inside to do stuff. There were many large trees with crimson red and golden leaves that would fall into neat little piles under the trees. Most of the houses were surrounded by a thick bush that was especially trimmed to go around the houses. The hedges left a nice amount of space, though. Most of them would go outside to hang out during breaks. It was a very cool environment, literally. The highest it would get was about 70 degrees fahrenheit during the summer. Occasionally an earthling animal would appear (this was when homeworld first invaded earth) and would be ‘examined’. This mostly consisted of poking with a stick, petting, grabbing and showing others what they found. Sometimes these animals would become like a pet. They would be tied by their leg with a rope to the outside or inside of the building.

All of these pets would escape in less than a hour.


In the training room were some punching bags and a bunch of mirrors facing each other.  It was supposed to be to look at how good they were doing, but was mostly used to make silly faces in or watch yourself fail miserably at your workout. Some of the rubies were passionate about their work, so on off days they would go and hang out in the room to punch stuff.


mogok-star-rareIn each ruby house, there was a leader of the group. This ruby was called the star ruby, and yes, they do exist.  These rubies had a light that looked like a star in them.  All star rubies gems were on their neck, and had a golden band around them with the house number and date of creation banded onto the gold in small text. They would control the schedule and everything about the rubies lives.

Some lucky rubies would be able to be bought out by clients that liked them the most. They would be bought out in groups of 2 or 4. Only the wealthy or high ranking gems could buy a guard. Most of the clients turned owners would abuse the rubies, and most would never make it out alive to tell how horrible life was. If they could escape, they would be welcomed back into the ruby house full-heartedly and the owner would be put on a no-ruby blacklist. This blacklist made sure that all rubies would never have to serve, be owned by, work with or have any contact with said gem unless they had to via any of the diamonds.


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