About Gem Anatomy: the Core

As you know, all gems have a gem and a holographic body. They can shape-shift internal organs, which adds extra energy to the physical form. But, all gems are just their gem and the physical form is to help them. Inside of the gem is where all the magic happened.

If you sliced it in half, the outside is a hard shell and the inside is like putty. The putty is the gems own mini pocket dimension and can be customized. If the gem reverts back to its original form, they enter the gemspace. This is a little place in the pocket dimension where they gem can make a tiny living space. The gem may roam around in the soul gem form. This is the physical form of the gem, but is easily changeable. Mine was a lacy & silky night gown and a robe that was fluffy and soft. Her’s was like mine, her normal outfit (a little more casual) and a fluffy robe, too.

If a gem was bubbled and placed inside of another gem,  it could reform under certain unknown circumstances. Even shattered gems could do this. I was put inside of her gem a few times. Time stops inside of the gem. If you put food in it and took it out 2 years later, it would not be rotten. The object can change from the soul gem (like if the gem ate the food), but nothing else can. You could drink water and then put it inside of a bubble and it would change.

I’m putting some images on what my gemspace looked like. these were all of a blue-ish tint, though.



I cant remember anything else about my gemspace. I hope you enjoyed this!


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